6 Reasons to Start a Home Based Business

I don’t know about you but just about everyone I know has a home based business now. We are no longer depending on our day jobs to provide a future for us. It’s more important than ever to have a back up plan and start your home based business. Let me share my top 6 reasons to start your side hustle.

#1 Job Security

2020 has taught most of us that nothing is guaranteed. During the current global pandemic, many found themselves furloughed or laid off. 9 to 5’s aren’t guaranteed anymore. People are looking for a secure job, one they can count on. When you have your own home based business, you don’t have to worry about being laid off or furloughed. You are your own boss, you determine whether you are making an income or not.

#2 Flexibility

Home base businesses provide flexibility. You have the option of working when and where you want. As a mom of 4, I absolutely love having the ability to work around my children’s schedules. I can work when they are playing, when they sleep, when they are at school, whenever I want. I also have the ability to choose not to work on certain days. We can take a special day trip, take snow day, or even better, a beautiful summer day off and play as a family. No one is waiting for me to clock in. I’m my own boss!

#3 You are the BOSS

You are the CEO of your company. You decide how to run your business. You make the rules. You decide how much time and effort you will put into your business. Doesn’t that sound amazing?! No one to tell you what to do or how to do it!

#4 Low Startup Cost

Most home based businesses have a low startup cost. There are so many options out there to start your own business. I am currently offering an opportunity to start for free. When you join a company that provides a free website, your only investment is your startup cost. You can create your website and start making money right away!

#5 Community

When you become an entrepreneur you’ll find so many people who are doing the same thing you are with different companies. You’ll find people who have that drive to succeed and the desire to make a difference. You’ll find a community to belong to. You’ll find a sisterhood/brotherhood full of people who will have your back, people you can relate to, people you can share the hustle of entrepreneurship with. The sisterhood I have found in my company has been incredible! These ladies are my tribe.

#6 Legacy

Your business is yours. You can create your home based business from the ground up and create a legacy for your family. My daughter loves helping me with my business. I love hearing her dream of the day she will be old enough to work alongside me. I am working on providing a legacy for my children and grandchildren.

Home based business can be whatever you want the business to be. These businesses work, if you work it. The effort you put into building your dream will pay off. Dream big, be persistent, be consistent and watch your dream become a reality.

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How to Grow Your Customer Base on Social Media

Growing your customer base can be a challenge. Growing your customer base in a global pandemic is an even bigger challenge. Social Media is an incredible tool you can use to grow your customer base. There are many different social media platforms, each platform has a different audience and should be approached differently. Most people have their preferred social media platform based off of how they connect. Let’s break down the most popular platforms.


Facebook is where you go to see the pictures your cousin posted of their new baby, where you see what your friend did on a gorgeous Fall day. Where you see an update about a coworker’s health. Where you can ask a question in a mom group and get advice from a mom who has been where you are now. Facebook is connection, where people feel. Facebook can also be a valuable tool in growing your business. In order to grow your business on Facebook, you need to make strong connections. Join groups with similar interests. Are you a mom? Look for Mom groups in your area. Are you a runner? Look for running groups, my Father in Law is part of a Running over 60 group where he connects with people across the country. People he has never met but they have a lot in common. Join those groups, be genuine, and connect. Ask real life questions in those groups, answer questions if you are able to. If someone posts they are having a bad day, comment with positivity. Be the light in these groups. People will connect with you. Do not join groups and take or with the sole purpose being to grow your business. People see right through that. Don’t join the groups and send those “hey girl” messages on how your business can help them.

Spend time connecting with your friends list. Scroll through your Newsfeed and make at least 10 connections every time you log on. Comment on at least 10 people’s posts. I can’t say this enough, BE GENUINE! If a friend posts they are struggling, reach out privately and let them know you are there for them, or comment you are thinking of them. Be intentional with your interaction. You become a better friend and grow your network. The more you interact with people on your Timeline, the more they will see your posts and you will see theirs.


Instagram is where you post your super cool photo you took of the incredible meal you made last night. Where you show off that gorgeous selfie you took in the perfect lighting, with several filter changes. Instagram is for the glossy, polished photos. You can for sure connect on Instagram but most are looking at the photo’s and scrolling along. Show your products, be your brand on Instagram. Take the picture of your new product, in the best lighting, use one of the filters to turn the photo you took on the corner of your cluttered desk into an advertisement fitted for a magazine. Research the best hashtags to grow your business. If you are sharing a photo of yourself with a new mascara, google the best hashtags for makeup. Hashtags are super important on Instagram. Most are following specific hashtags like #beautylover. When you use a specific hashtag that people follow, your post will show up on their Instagram even if they aren’t following you. This allows you to grow and connect with a whole new audience.


When you are looking for a recipe where do you go? Pinterest.  When you are looking for activities to do with the kids over the summer, where do you go?  Pinterest.  You can be a resource to others looking for the latest beauty tool, fashion, recipe. Create a business Pinterest account for free. You can use those gorgeous photos you took on Instagram to create a pin linked to your website. If you have a blog, you can link those photos to your blog. Pinterest is actually the easiest for me. I’ve already created the content through Facebook, my blog, or Instagram. I can just log on and pin.


I might age myself here but…. when I was growing up, if I needed to know how to do something, I had to look it up in a book or ask someone who has done what I’m researching. My kids can just log on YouTube and watch a video tutorial on just about everything you can think of. (How did we make it without Google or YouTube?!). You can be that resource! You can be the solution for someone. Film yourself doing your nighttime routine, or making your product, writing, cooking, whatever your business is and upload to YouTube. You can do a voice over, speed up your video, and add music all on YouTube. Share your top 10 tips on whatever your brand is. Another bonus, you can share your videos on Facebook and grow your following on YouTube.

Networking on Social Media is an incredible way to build your online presence, at your own speed.

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Physiogel- Skin Care for Sensitive Skin

Have you looked in the mirror in the morning and wished the reflection in the mirror was different? Have you wished there was skin care for sensitive skin that would make it better? I have. After I had my fourth child, my face went crazy! I had blotchy, red, flaky skin all over my face. I never knew what I would wake up to each morning. There was no cream, no oil, no amount of makeup to fix/cover up. At the time, I was PTA President for my children’s school. I spoke on stage at chorus concerts, led meetings, met with volunteers and organizations. I felt like everyone was staring at my blotchy, flaky skin. In reality they probably didn’t spend their day thinking about it, but in my head, they did. I hated the face I saw looking back at me each morning. If Physiogel skin care would have been an option almost 4 years ago, I would have paid $100 for an ounce if I could feel beautiful in my own skin.

What is Physiogel?

Physiogel is a science based facial skin care line inspired by skin’s natural structure. This skin care line for sensitive skin is clinically proven to repair skins natural moisture barrier. Skin’s outer layer contains natural fats called lipids, which help seal in moisture and protect skin from irritants and external stressors. The disruption of this lipid matrix through weather changes, harsh ingredients and allergens can lead to moisture loss and dehydration, making skin prone to dryness and sensitivity.

What are the benefits?

Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy, repairs, restores, and hydrates your sensitive skin and provides instant relief. No more dry, tight skin! Even better, you can use this line on your whole body!
• Promotes long-lasting moisture to protect against recurring dryness
• No fragrances, preservatives or colorants
• Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic

Physiogel Calming Relief Anti Itch, provides immediate, long-lasting relief to dry, itchy and irritated skin with this calming body lotion, which moisturizes and soothes skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth. Contains a skin-soothing complex of essential lipids, vitamin B3 and pro-Vitamin B5 to relieve skin and protect against irritants.
• Great for dry, itchy, and irritated skin
• Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic
• No preservatives, perfumes or colorant

Your Answer

Physiogel can be the product line you’ve been waiting for to look at that reflection in the mirror and smile. THIS is the skin care line you’ve been waiting for to help your sensitive skin!

I had the pleasure of working with Jeannine Whitver, Senior Manager of Product Education, Learning & Development at Avon on a Facebook Live showcasing this incredible line. Skin care is my passion! I believe in making women feel beautiful in their own skin. We should all be able to look in the mirror and smile.

Current Avon Representatives, learn how to Grow Your Customer Base with Physiogel.

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Grow Your Customer Base

Growing your customer base can be tough. Growing your customer base during a Global Pandemic…. well that’s a whole ‘nother ballgame!

I had the pleasure of speaking with Allyson Swanson, Leader & Development at Avon, last week about finding the right customer for a new product launch, Isa Knox Anew Clinical Collagen Booster. I was honored that Avon was interested in my approach on how I grow my customer base! I was able to share how I know which customers to reach out to about certain products. Hearing about “Lisa”, the customer profile I spoke with Allyson about, mentioned in a Virtual Sales Meeting for all of Avon was pretty cool! Let me share a little of my process with you.

First, I take a look at what I am selling. What is my product? It is important to know what you are selling. Learn about it. Try the products. Once you have tried the products, you can give your honest feedback to customers and will have a better idea on the next step.

Next, who needs this product? When you think of a new product, who comes to mind? Who is your ideal customer for this product? What does she/he do for a living? For example, when the new product Isa Knox Collagen Booster was announced, I tried the product (fell head over heels), then I thought of who needs this product. I immediately thought of my sister in law, Rosemary. Rosemary works full time, has 2 boys, on a budget, on trend, and needs a little self care. Collagen Booster was made for Rosemary! I also thought of other women who would love a luxury product without the luxury price.

I know what the products do and what type of person needs these products, now I find them. I know where I can find that working mom after the kids go to bed. Social Media. Don’t we all find ourselves scrolling Facebook at night? I know I do! Make genuine connections on social media. Join Facebook groups with similar interests. I’m in several Mom groups on Facebook. I make connections with these women. I’m in groups with other direct sellers, I make genuine connections with them as well. Once I know who and where they are, I can meet their needs with the products that are best for them. I can reach out to them without the “hey girl” message. I can reach out with “Hey Marie, I know you are so busy and taking care of yourself is low on your list. I have 2 incredible products that can give you the self care you deserve!” I know her, I know what she needs, we have a connection, I now have a customer.

You can also find creative ways to grow your customer base like YouTube videos (see my latest below), TikTok, Instagram Reels, pictures, beauty blogs. Be the brand. Show yourself using these products. People don’t just buy because they need a product. People buy because they have connected with you and want the products you have. Now, go make those connections, grow your customer base and your business!

Dear Karen,

Today my daughter found out who her 5th grade teacher will be this school year.  Every year, for the past 5 years as soon as teachers are announced, I start seeing posts on Facebook with “Sally got Mrs. Smith, what teacher did your child get this year?”.  Not this year.  Why?

The answer is simple.  The Karens. The Karens keep telling us we are doing something wrong.  Karen said you don’t care about your kids or the world if you send your child to school. The other Karen said if you choose to homeschool than you are ruining their chance at a future or depriving them of socialization.

If your child is attending school in person this year, I pray they have an incredible school year.  If your child is going to homeschool this year, I pray they have an incredible school year.  If you chose for one child to attend school in person and one to stay home, I pray they have an incredible school year.  You see, your children aren’t mine.  They aren’t my responsibility, therefore I have zero say in this decision and should have zero opinion.

If you took a vacation this summer, good for you! I hope you had a great time and got some mental escape from the every day crazies.  If you stayed home because it was the best decision for your family, good for you! I hope you had a restful summer break.

It hard being a mom! We are in this together.  Same ocean, different ships.  Steer your ship the direction that’s best for your family.  Let’s encourage each other.  Let’s lift each other up! Momma, you are doing a great job for your family! You go girl!

Karen, have a seat.  I’m done listening to you.




*if your name is Karen, and you aren’t a “Karen” I apologize if you are offended!*

“Look Out ‘Cuz Here I Come”

I am a HUGE fan of The Greatest Showman.  “This is Me” is one of my favorite songs.  It really hits home with me.  I love the message of embracing who you are and who you are meant to be.  As I get older, I get more and more comfortable in my own skin.  Don’t get me wrong, I have crazy bad insecure days, but I’m not as hard on myself as I use to be.  I can’t be, you see, I have a daughter, she’s watching.

My daughter watches me get ready, takes note of how I’m fixing my hair.  She’s watching me do my makeup.  She’s learning.  If she sees me tear myself down, why wouldn’t she look in the mirror and tear herself down.  Teaching our children self love starts with us.  We have to love ourselves and take care of ourselves.  Self care has never been a strong suit of mine but I’ve learned over the past few years that taking care of myself, helps me take care of others.  I can’t pour from an empty cup.

Here are a few of my favorite ways to “self care”-

Take a shower.  Sounds simple right? Well, when you have 4 kids, work from home full time, a husband, and a dog, there isn’t a lot of time in the day for a shower.  I love to use my favorite  body scrub to exfoliate my skin.  I feel like I’ve been to a spa.  My favorite shampoo and conditioner make me feel like I’ve just gone to the stylist.  I’m a brand new me out of the shower!

CCFA7946-D78A-4DA1-B8E2-4BBC0D101C4AI treat myself to my favorite face mask  twice a week. I get a good exfoliate and (hopefully) 10 minutes alone to unwind.

Almost 3 months ago I started yoga.  I started a free 30 Day Yoga For Weigt Loss on Amazon Prime.  I spend 30 minutes every day working on myself.  I feel stronger, and more calm after each 30 minutes.  My daughter even joins me on occasion.  (See, she’s watching).

Call a friend.  We all have that one friend we can call and word vomit all over.  The one person who you can act like a lunatic with and she says “girl me too!”. Let it all out.  Let those frustrations out.  If you don’t have that person, call me.  Make a connection.  Find your tribe.

Listen to music.  I can turn on almost any song from the 80’s and 90’s and all of a sudden I’m a kid again where my only issue is “does this scrunchie match these socks?” Belt out Whitney Houston or Janet Jackson or whatever music speaks to your soul.  Sing and dance like no one is watching, even though your kids are.  Chances are, they are dancing with you.  Even if you have no rhythm and are marching to the beat of your own drum.

Now that I am learning to love me, it’s time to show my children how to love who they are.  Teach them to love every part of who they are.  We are all fearfully and wonderfully made.

Take care of yourself.  If not for you, for the little ones watching your every move.

Here are a few more of my self care favs.



Chi Essentials Hair Color Review

As I get older a different color hair keeps showing up in my curly brunette hair.  Where did the gray come from? Is it me getting closer to 40? My 4 children? Quarantine? Or maybe all of the above?? Regardless of the reason, a new gray pops up every few days.  I wear those shiny strands with pride.  Each gray tells a story of how I got here.  Gray shows I survived. Normally I just let the gray locks flow but once I entered quarantine and found out I could get Chi Essentials Hair Color delivered to my door at a discount, I thought what the heck? Let’s make a change.  First step, chose the color.


After (naturally) getting feedback from just about everyone I knew, I went with Light Chesnut Brown.  I waited three business days for that box of goodies to arrive.  I couldn’t wait to give these locks a new look! I was pleasantly surprised with the packaging! I received trial size shampoo, conditioner, and serum along with the 2 step hair dye and gloves.  Take a look!


A quick mix of Step 1 & 2, 30 minutes, and a shampoo and dry later, I was a brand new woman! A good haircut, hair wash, and color can make a girl feel good! It really is amazing how it can change your mood. Take a look at those grays that went from there to gone and the dull to shine!



I love how silky and shiny my hair feels! Just take a look at the key ingredients-
• Aloe – with vitamins and essential nutrients to help nourish every strand
• Silk – a natural protein that helps strengthen hair
• Olive oil – infuses hair with replenishing moisture.

I also loved that Chi Essentials Hair Color is Paraben-free, PABA-free, phthalate-free, Ammonia-free,  and gluten-free! What’s not to love?!

Curly Girl approved! ✅

I’m already excited to try a new color, now should I go red or lighter? Hmmmm….

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Networking on Social Media

Network marketing is nothing without networking.  Now that we are in the middle of a global pandemic, networking looks a little different.  Who says you can only network in person?

What if you met people where they are right now to network? Hello Social Media! Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest are the perfect places to network right now.  I mean, who isn’t on social media these days?!

You can meet people where they are and network right from your phone on social media! Let’s break it down by social media platform.

FacebookSearch for groups with like minded individuals.  Are you a direct seller? Search for direct seller groups.  Are you interested in making an impact in your community? Search for groups giving back.  I guarantee you will find several in each category!  Look for people in different fields.  We are all working our business, even if it’s a different business.   Be intentional.  Be genuine.  Do NOT join groups just to take.  Every relationship is give and take.  Build connections, build relationships.  Comment on others posts, share your own posts and journey.  I guarantee you will connect with at least a few other women on the same path you are.

Instagram– Brand yourself.  What makes you, you?  What are your interests?  Write these down.  People buy from people they like.  Post content with those interests, add hashtags relevant to your content.  Not sure what hashtags to add? I use my good friend Google, never lets me down!  If I post a picture of my  life as a mom of 4, I’ll google ‘popular hashtags for motherhood’.  Post pictures of yourself with your products.  Feature YOU!

TikTok– Here me out on this one.  TikTok is the perfect place to get lost for hours laughing at the most ridiculous content.  It’s also a super fun app to make your own content and connect with people just like you!  Make original content about things happening in your life.  I guarantee you’ll get followers with similar interest.   You can also use the videos you made on TikTok and post on other social media platforms.

Pinterest– Let me tell you a secret.  I get about 90% of my interactive posts for Facebook, from Pinterest.  When you are looking for a recipe where do you go? Pinterest.  When you are looking for activities to do with the kids over the summer, where do you go?  Pinterest.  Meet people where they are.  Make your own pins.  Share your pictures you’ve already created for Instagram and link it to your website.  Create a Pinterest business account, its free.  Follow other people on Pinterest, make those connections there.

Some of my favorite relationships are with other direct sellers.  I use to see them as competition but in reality, they are doing the exact same thing I am, just with different products.  Why can’t we all support each other? We are all in this together.

When women support women, incredible things happen!

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To The Girl Who Didn’t Believe…

Have you ever wished you could talk to your younger self? Tell her what to do and what not to do?  I know I have on more than one occasion.   I firmly believe that everything we go through makes us who we are but I would love to give the younger me a little bit of advice.  Here are a few things I would not only tell the younger version of myself but everyone who doesn’t believe in themselves.

Be kind to yourself.  Stop picking yourself apart.  Stop looking in the mirror and seeing the flaws.  Look in the mirror and find the beauty.  Stop wishing you could be smarter, funnier, prettier.  Instead of picking yourself apart, look in the mirror and find 5 things you do like about yourself.  Just 5.

Don’t let someone’s opinion of you, define you.  If someone tells you that your hair is green, that doesn’t make your hair green, so why do we believe others when they pick us apart? Why do we believe others when they say we are “not very pretty” or say we can’t do something?  I still haven’t figured that one out.  I do know that their words are not your truth.  “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” (Thanks Eleanor Roosevelt!)  Stop letting others words define you.  Just stop!

Believe in yourself.  You, my friend, can do so much! Stop limiting yourself.  Your only limit is yourself.  Believe you CAN make a difference.  Believe you CAN overcome.  Believe you CAN be the businesswoman/mom/wife/friend/person you want to be.  Believe you CAN.  Believe in YOU.

A sweet friend had on a shirt the other day that said “I’m Betting On Me!” This shirt hit me hard.  When I quit listening to others and started betting on myself, I started on the path of becoming the woman I want to be.

I’m betting on me! I’m betting on you too!


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Dressing in Comfort & Style

If you are like me, you haven’t dressed up much in the past few months.  Keepin’ it real- I wasn’t dressing up that much before quarantine.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to dress up every now and then but comfort is what I dress for.

I’m a busy, work at home, mom of 4.  I need my clothes to be comfortable and versatile.  This multi stripe pack of 4 tees is perfect for me! I love the soft material, the colors that go with everything, and the fact that I can dress these up or keep it casual.

As soon as the 4 pack comes out each season (always in a different design), I snag them up right away before it’s sold out!

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