Life Hacks for the Busy Woman

Ever have those days where you have so much to do, not enough time, and everyone, everywhere needs something from you? Overwhelmed, not even sure where to start? We all have those days! There is so much expected of women. I mean we are all super heroes right?! Some days you have to take offContinue reading “Life Hacks for the Busy Woman”

5 Things You’re Doing Wrong as a Direct Seller

You’ve read the articles on what TO do as a Direct Seller. Let’s talk about what NOT to do. There are 7 things you might be doing as a Direct Seller that could be hindering your growth. I’ve been in direct sales for several years. I’ve learned a lot, made a lot of mistakes, learnedContinue reading “5 Things You’re Doing Wrong as a Direct Seller”

Grow Your Business With A Customer Group

You can successfully grow your business with a customer group. It’s all about connection! A good customer group is fun, full of engagement and showcases your products. I’ve learned a lot the past 3+ years building my customer group and my business. I’ve done things that haven’t worked, and found what does. Here are theContinue reading “Grow Your Business With A Customer Group”

How to Host Successful Online Vendor Events

Online Vendor Events are a great way to grow your business and network. Online vendor events are becoming more and more popular, especially this year! I’ve had many successful online vendor events over the past few years. It can feel overwhelming to host an online vendor event but it’s really not! I’m going to breakdownContinue reading “How to Host Successful Online Vendor Events”

Top 6 Reasons You Should Shop Small

We’ve all heard “Shop Small” or “Shop Local”. Do you know why? Do you know what shopping with small businesses and shopping local actually does? Let me break it down for you. #1. Not Just a Number When you shop small you aren’t just a number to the store, you are a person. Every itemContinue reading “Top 6 Reasons You Should Shop Small”

6 Reasons to Start a Home Based Business

I don’t know about you but just about everyone I know has a home based business now. We are no longer depending on our day jobs to provide a future for us. It’s more important than ever to have a back up plan and start your home based business. Let me share my top 6Continue reading “6 Reasons to Start a Home Based Business”

How to Grow Your Customer Base on Social Media

Growing your customer base can be a challenge. Growing your customer base in a global pandemic is an even bigger challenge. Social Media is an incredible tool you can use to grow your customer base. There are many different social media platforms, each platform has a different audience and should be approached differently. Most peopleContinue reading “How to Grow Your Customer Base on Social Media”

Grow Your Customer Base

Growing your customer base can be tough. Growing your customer base during a Global Pandemic…. well that’s a whole ‘nother ballgame! I had the pleasure of speaking with Allyson Swanson, Leader & Development at Avon, last week about finding the right customer for a new product launch, Isa Knox Anew Clinical Collagen Booster. I wasContinue reading “Grow Your Customer Base”

Networking on Social Media

Network marketing is nothing without networking.  Now that we are in the middle of a global pandemic, networking looks a little different.  Who says you can only network in person? What if you met people where they are right now to network? Hello Social Media! Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest are the perfect places toContinue reading “Networking on Social Media”