What is Hyaluronic Acid and Why Do You Need it?

Have you heard of hyaluronic acid? Have you ever wondered what is hyaluronic acid and why do you need it? It’s more than just a fancy buzz word you’ve heard in commercials. It’s an incredible ingredient you need to add to your skincare routine. Let’s break down what is hyaluronic acid and why do youContinue reading “What is Hyaluronic Acid and Why Do You Need it?”

5 Reasons to Add Aloe to Your Skincare Routine

We all use aloe after a sunburn right? Did you know there are so many other benefits to aloe? There are 5 reasons you need to add aloe to your skincare routine. Trust me after you read the 5 reasons to add aloe to your skincare routine, you’ll be wondering why you aren’t already usingContinue reading “5 Reasons to Add Aloe to Your Skincare Routine”

Restore & Detox Dry Shampoo

Who is actually washing their hair everyday? I know I’m not! Elastine Restore & Detox Dry Shampoo is a lifesaver! Dry shampoo saves you time, cleans your hair, and adds volume. Cleanse, refresh and revive hair in between washes and blowouts. Formulated with detoxifying charcoal extract and soothing white tea powder, this waterless, no-rinse leave-inContinue reading “Restore & Detox Dry Shampoo”

Belif Travel Kit

Travel light and stay hydrated with Water Festival on the go Travel Kit! Travel Kit Includes:• belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb-formulated with a soothing blue gel cream that provides instant moisture while making your skin look healthy and even. Lightweight and refreshing, this cream is ideal for both oily and combination skin along withContinue reading “Belif Travel Kit”

Clean Beauty Farm Rx

I’m a Skincare Junkie. Whew I said it! I thought I had my skincare routine down to a science but….. I discovered Clean Beauty! Clean Beauty is vegan, made from the Earth, skincare. Have you ever thought about all of the ingredients in your skincare? All of those added “extras” created in a lab? It’sContinue reading “Clean Beauty Farm Rx”

Physiogel- Skin Care for Sensitive Skin

Have you looked in the mirror in the morning and wished the reflection in the mirror was different? Have you wished there was skin care for sensitive skin that would make it better? I have. After I had my fourth child, my face went crazy! I had blotchy, red, flaky skin all over my face.Continue reading “Physiogel- Skin Care for Sensitive Skin”