5 Reasons to Add Aloe to Your Skincare Routine

We all use aloe after a sunburn right? Did you know there are so many other benefits to aloe? There are 5 reasons you need to add aloe to your skincare routine. Trust me after you read the 5 reasons to add aloe to your skincare routine, you’ll be wondering why you aren’t already using it!

#1. Hydration Your skin is thirsty! You have to give your skin nutrients! Aloe locks in moisture to your skin. When your skin is hydrated it appears smoother and softer. Aloe also helps rebuild the skin’s natural moisture barrier. This will make your skin appear younger and healthier.

#2. Slows The Signs of Aging Aloe can slow the signs of aging. Hydrating your skin encourages skin regeneration which helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Once the skin is moisturized it gets plumper which will fill in those fine lines and wrinkles making you look younger. Sign me up right?!

#3. Minimize Discoloration Aloe can help prevent the effects of the skin’s enzymes responsible for skin discoloration by suppressing the UV induced hyperpigmentation and skin damaging effects of sunburns. This is why you should always put aloe on after being in the sun, even if you did not get a sunburn. As we get older we start to see sun spots and sun damage. Aloe can help minimize those discolorations on our skin.

#4. Skin Elasticity As we get older our skin does not produce as much collagen as it did when we were younger. A lack of collagen production can cause your skin to sag and you lose the elasticity. Aloe can help increase the production of collagen, naturally, which increases skin elasticity. You will look younger and healthier. Win win win!

#5 Healing Compounds Its commonly known that aloe is used for healing compounds. Vitamin A & C antioxidants that help with redness, skin irritation, and inflammation, which is why you use aloe after a sunburn. Aloe can also help alleviate the redness, acne scars, inflammation in your face. The list goes on and on. Did you know Cleopatra used aloe daily to give herself a natural glow? Aloe is such an amazing product!

Now that I’ve shared why you need aloe in your skincare routine, I’m going to share with you my top 3 products containing aloe.

Jeju Aloe Fresh Soothing Mist from The Face Shop. This mist has 90% aloe extract. I had a sunburn a few weeks ago, shame on me for not reapplying sunscreen, this mist took away the burn and hydrated my skin. Sourced from the pristine Korean island of Jeju, known for its fertile volcanic soil and lush flora, south of the Korean peninsula, this natural wonder is a natural skin smoother.

Jeju Aloe Fresh Ice Soothing Gel also from The Face Shop and the pristine Korean island of Jeju. I prefer the gel for all over body aloe application.
• 3-in-1 gel with aloe vera extract
• Use as moisturizer, soothing after-sun care or facial pack
• For dry, sensitive, irritated areas of face and body
• Can also be refrigerated for a cooling effect

Belif True Cream Aqua Bomb Aloe I’m a true ‘belifer’! I love the Aqua Bomb, Eye Bomb, Jelly Cleanser, and now the Aqua Bomb with Aloe! This Aloe Bomb is a refreshing burst of COOL. This cooling, lightweight gel-cream features aloe vera extract to help soothe irritated and sun-exposed skin, plus a multi-level blend of hyaluronic acid to that penetrates different layers for intense hydration, and a vitamin E to visibly smooth skin texture and even tone. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

If you weren’t already using aloe, consider this your sign to start today! These 5 reasons to add aloe to your skincare routine are more than enough reason to change up your skincare routine!

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