Makeup & Skincare Q&A

I recently had the privilege of hosting a skin care and makeup Facebook Live Q&A. I covered everything from contouring to exfoliating. I had some amazing questions here are the top 11 questions asked.

Kellie O.
Q. What order do you put your skin care products on?
A. The general rule of skin care is thinnest to thickest. Start with your lightest product and finish with the heaviest. Also follow the rules of Cleanse, Prep, Treat, Moisturize. Cleanse your skin with a cleanser, prep with a serum, treat with a targeted treatment, then moisturize.

Jasmine C.
Q. When/how often/how do I exfoliate my skin?
A. Exfoliating depends on your skin. If you aren’t exfoliating, start with once a week, then move up to twice a week. If you exfoliate too often, it can dry out your skin.

Valerie H.
Q. What is the best skin care for seniors?
A. Everyone’s skin is different, regardless of their age. I would suggest figuring out what your primary issue is for example, dry skin, wrinkles, pores, fine lines. I have found that Isa Knox skin care line is a multifunction line and great for all ages.

Pamela T.
Q. How does an older woman even out and cover dark spots on her face?
A. Absolute Even Multitone Skin Corrector moisturizes while reducing dark spots. Also includes vitamin C that helps reduce discoloration. Another option is Isa Knox Ultimate Day Cream. Isa Knox is a holistic approach to skin care. This day cream includes nutmeg which diminishes discoloration and evens out skin tone

Emily S.
Q. Do you use primer and if so why?
A. Yes! You need to prime your face just like you would a wall. Primer helps your makeup last longer and ensures it does not smudge. Primer has now begun to cover skincare. VDL Satin Primer is my favorite! VDL keeps the shine away, is infused with prune water that replenishes the skin with intensified hydration, which also helps improve elasticity and texture over time.

Robyn B.
Q. How do you find the right shades for foundation and concealer?
A. The digital try on tool allows you to try on the shades virtually to ensure you get the correct shade. You can also find out what your undertone is to match to the correct shade of Cashmere Complexion. Find out if your skin is Warm, Cool, or Neutral. Pink/rosy undertone is cool, golden yellow/peach undertone is warm, neutral is a mix of both. Take a look at your vein color, if your veins are blue you are a cool undertone, green is warm undertone, neutral is a mix of blue and green. You can also go in a bright light with a white sheet of paper. Hold the white sheet up to your face and see if your face appears more pink or more yellow. Pink is cool, yellow is warm. If you can wear both white and off white and you do not look washed out, you are a neutral.

Rosemary C.
Q. What type of foundation should I use for my skin type?
A. Cashmere complexion is best for all over skin coverage and types. Cashmere complexion blurs pores, fine lines and includes antioxidant botanical extracts. Cashmere complexion comes in a liquid and powder form.

Emily S.
Q. Do you do eye makeup or foundation first?
A. This one is a personal preference. I do find its easier to do my eyes first. If I mess up, its easier to fix my eyes than start completely over.

Meredith H.
Q. What is the difference between concealer, Magix Tint, Magix Wand, and Magix Dust
A. Concealer conceals and hides imperfections. You can also use a concealer as a highlighter. Magix Tint is a liquid tinted moisturizer which provides less coverage than foundation. Magix Wand is a roll on foundation stick that covers and perfects your skin and blurs pores. Magix Dust is a 100% mineral finishing powder which blurs pores, controls shine, and gives you a silky glow.

Rebecca F.
Q. What is the best way to apply eye shadow on someone with hooded eyelids.
A. Hooded eyes can often hide all of the eye shadow on your eye. Instead of applying your shades in the crease of your eye, go a little above your crease to ensure your shade shows.

Melissa A.
Q. How do I contour?
A. Contouring adds dimension to your face. Use a shade two shades lighter as a highlighter and two shades darker to add dimension. Place the darker shades under your cheekbones (the hollow of your cheek), right under your hair line on your forehead, and the sides of your nose. Highlight under your eyes and the bridge of your nose. After you have applied both blend the shades in for a natural look.

If you have more questions, please ask! I love helping people find the skincare and makeup best for them!

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