6 Reasons to Start a Home Based Business

I don’t know about you but just about everyone I know has a home based business now. We are no longer depending on our day jobs to provide a future for us. It’s more important than ever to have a back up plan and start your home based business. Let me share my top 6 reasons to start your side hustle.

#1 Job Security

2020 has taught most of us that nothing is guaranteed. During the current global pandemic, many found themselves furloughed or laid off. 9 to 5’s aren’t guaranteed anymore. People are looking for a secure job, one they can count on. When you have your own home based business, you don’t have to worry about being laid off or furloughed. You are your own boss, you determine whether you are making an income or not.

#2 Flexibility

Home base businesses provide flexibility. You have the option of working when and where you want. As a mom of 4, I absolutely love having the ability to work around my children’s schedules. I can work when they are playing, when they sleep, when they are at school, whenever I want. I also have the ability to choose not to work on certain days. We can take a special day trip, take snow day, or even better, a beautiful summer day off and play as a family. No one is waiting for me to clock in. I’m my own boss!

#3 You are the BOSS

You are the CEO of your company. You decide how to run your business. You make the rules. You decide how much time and effort you will put into your business. Doesn’t that sound amazing?! No one to tell you what to do or how to do it!

#4 Low Startup Cost

Most home based businesses have a low startup cost. There are so many options out there to start your own business. I am currently offering an opportunity to start for free. When you join a company that provides a free website, your only investment is your startup cost. You can create your website and start making money right away!

#5 Community

When you become an entrepreneur you’ll find so many people who are doing the same thing you are with different companies. You’ll find people who have that drive to succeed and the desire to make a difference. You’ll find a community to belong to. You’ll find a sisterhood/brotherhood full of people who will have your back, people you can relate to, people you can share the hustle of entrepreneurship with. The sisterhood I have found in my company has been incredible! These ladies are my tribe.

#6 Legacy

Your business is yours. You can create your home based business from the ground up and create a legacy for your family. My daughter loves helping me with my business. I love hearing her dream of the day she will be old enough to work alongside me. I am working on providing a legacy for my children and grandchildren.

Home based business can be whatever you want the business to be. These businesses work, if you work it. The effort you put into building your dream will pay off. Dream big, be persistent, be consistent and watch your dream become a reality.

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Published by Whitney Cline

I am a wife, mom, friend, boss, mentor, makeup lover, leader, fighter, survivor, kind, loyal to a fault, driven, skincare junkie, reality tv junkie, full of self doubt, learning to love myself, sarcastic, unique, woman. Embracing who I am, one curl at a time.

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