How to Grow Your Customer Base on Social Media

Growing your customer base can be a challenge. Growing your customer base in a global pandemic is an even bigger challenge. Social Media is an incredible tool you can use to grow your customer base. There are many different social media platforms, each platform has a different audience and should be approached differently. Most people have their preferred social media platform based off of how they connect. Let’s break down the most popular platforms.


Facebook is where you go to see the pictures your cousin posted of their new baby, where you see what your friend did on a gorgeous Fall day. Where you see an update about a coworker’s health. Where you can ask a question in a mom group and get advice from a mom who has been where you are now. Facebook is connection, where people feel. Facebook can also be a valuable tool in growing your business. In order to grow your business on Facebook, you need to make strong connections. Join groups with similar interests. Are you a mom? Look for Mom groups in your area. Are you a runner? Look for running groups, my Father in Law is part of a Running over 60 group where he connects with people across the country. People he has never met but they have a lot in common. Join those groups, be genuine, and connect. Ask real life questions in those groups, answer questions if you are able to. If someone posts they are having a bad day, comment with positivity. Be the light in these groups. People will connect with you. Do not join groups and take or with the sole purpose being to grow your business. People see right through that. Don’t join the groups and send those “hey girl” messages on how your business can help them.

Spend time connecting with your friends list. Scroll through your Newsfeed and make at least 10 connections every time you log on. Comment on at least 10 people’s posts. I can’t say this enough, BE GENUINE! If a friend posts they are struggling, reach out privately and let them know you are there for them, or comment you are thinking of them. Be intentional with your interaction. You become a better friend and grow your network. The more you interact with people on your Timeline, the more they will see your posts and you will see theirs.


Instagram is where you post your super cool photo you took of the incredible meal you made last night. Where you show off that gorgeous selfie you took in the perfect lighting, with several filter changes. Instagram is for the glossy, polished photos. You can for sure connect on Instagram but most are looking at the photo’s and scrolling along. Show your products, be your brand on Instagram. Take the picture of your new product, in the best lighting, use one of the filters to turn the photo you took on the corner of your cluttered desk into an advertisement fitted for a magazine. Research the best hashtags to grow your business. If you are sharing a photo of yourself with a new mascara, google the best hashtags for makeup. Hashtags are super important on Instagram. Most are following specific hashtags like #beautylover. When you use a specific hashtag that people follow, your post will show up on their Instagram even if they aren’t following you. This allows you to grow and connect with a whole new audience.


When you are looking for a recipe where do you go? Pinterest.  When you are looking for activities to do with the kids over the summer, where do you go?  Pinterest.  You can be a resource to others looking for the latest beauty tool, fashion, recipe. Create a business Pinterest account for free. You can use those gorgeous photos you took on Instagram to create a pin linked to your website. If you have a blog, you can link those photos to your blog. Pinterest is actually the easiest for me. I’ve already created the content through Facebook, my blog, or Instagram. I can just log on and pin.


I might age myself here but…. when I was growing up, if I needed to know how to do something, I had to look it up in a book or ask someone who has done what I’m researching. My kids can just log on YouTube and watch a video tutorial on just about everything you can think of. (How did we make it without Google or YouTube?!). You can be that resource! You can be the solution for someone. Film yourself doing your nighttime routine, or making your product, writing, cooking, whatever your business is and upload to YouTube. You can do a voice over, speed up your video, and add music all on YouTube. Share your top 10 tips on whatever your brand is. Another bonus, you can share your videos on Facebook and grow your following on YouTube.

Networking on Social Media is an incredible way to build your online presence, at your own speed.

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Published by Whitney Cline

I am a wife, mom, friend, boss, mentor, makeup lover, leader, fighter, survivor, kind, loyal to a fault, driven, skincare junkie, reality tv junkie, full of self doubt, learning to love myself, sarcastic, unique, woman. Embracing who I am, one curl at a time.

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