Grow Your Customer Base

Growing your customer base can be tough. Growing your customer base during a Global Pandemic…. well that’s a whole ‘nother ballgame!

I had the pleasure of speaking with Allyson Swanson, Leader & Development at Avon, last week about finding the right customer for a new product launch, Isa Knox Anew Clinical Collagen Booster. I was honored that Avon was interested in my approach on how I grow my customer base! I was able to share how I know which customers to reach out to about certain products. Hearing about “Lisa”, the customer profile I spoke with Allyson about, mentioned in a Virtual Sales Meeting for all of Avon was pretty cool! Let me share a little of my process with you.

First, I take a look at what I am selling. What is my product? It is important to know what you are selling. Learn about it. Try the products. Once you have tried the products, you can give your honest feedback to customers and will have a better idea on the next step.

Next, who needs this product? When you think of a new product, who comes to mind? Who is your ideal customer for this product? What does she/he do for a living? For example, when the new product Isa Knox Collagen Booster was announced, I tried the product (fell head over heels), then I thought of who needs this product. I immediately thought of my sister in law, Rosemary. Rosemary works full time, has 2 boys, on a budget, on trend, and needs a little self care. Collagen Booster was made for Rosemary! I also thought of other women who would love a luxury product without the luxury price.

I know what the products do and what type of person needs these products, now I find them. I know where I can find that working mom after the kids go to bed. Social Media. Don’t we all find ourselves scrolling Facebook at night? I know I do! Make genuine connections on social media. Join Facebook groups with similar interests. I’m in several Mom groups on Facebook. I make connections with these women. I’m in groups with other direct sellers, I make genuine connections with them as well. Once I know who and where they are, I can meet their needs with the products that are best for them. I can reach out to them without the “hey girl” message. I can reach out with “Hey Marie, I know you are so busy and taking care of yourself is low on your list. I have 2 incredible products that can give you the self care you deserve!” I know her, I know what she needs, we have a connection, I now have a customer.

You can also find creative ways to grow your customer base like YouTube videos (see my latest below), TikTok, Instagram Reels, pictures, beauty blogs. Be the brand. Show yourself using these products. People don’t just buy because they need a product. People buy because they have connected with you and want the products you have. Now, go make those connections, grow your customer base and your business!

Published by Whitney Cline

I am a wife, mom, friend, boss, mentor, makeup lover, leader, fighter, survivor, kind, loyal to a fault, driven, skincare junkie, reality tv junkie, full of self doubt, learning to love myself, sarcastic, unique, woman. Embracing who I am, one curl at a time.

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