Dear Karen,

Today my daughter found out who her 5th grade teacher will be this school year.  Every year, for the past 5 years as soon as teachers are announced, I start seeing posts on Facebook with “Sally got Mrs. Smith, what teacher did your child get this year?”.  Not this year.  Why?

The answer is simple.  The Karens. The Karens keep telling us we are doing something wrong.  Karen said you don’t care about your kids or the world if you send your child to school. The other Karen said if you choose to homeschool than you are ruining their chance at a future or depriving them of socialization.

If your child is attending school in person this year, I pray they have an incredible school year.  If your child is going to homeschool this year, I pray they have an incredible school year.  If you chose for one child to attend school in person and one to stay home, I pray they have an incredible school year.  You see, your children aren’t mine.  They aren’t my responsibility, therefore I have zero say in this decision and should have zero opinion.

If you took a vacation this summer, good for you! I hope you had a great time and got some mental escape from the every day crazies.  If you stayed home because it was the best decision for your family, good for you! I hope you had a restful summer break.

It hard being a mom! We are in this together.  Same ocean, different ships.  Steer your ship the direction that’s best for your family.  Let’s encourage each other.  Let’s lift each other up! Momma, you are doing a great job for your family! You go girl!

Karen, have a seat.  I’m done listening to you.




*if your name is Karen, and you aren’t a “Karen” I apologize if you are offended!*

Published by Whitney Cline

I am a wife, mom, friend, boss, mentor, makeup lover, leader, fighter, survivor, kind, loyal to a fault, driven, skincare junkie, reality tv junkie, full of self doubt, learning to love myself, sarcastic, unique, woman. Embracing who I am, one curl at a time.

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