Quarantine Curls

57CE25FE-49F4-4BB9-96F0-722E99E8DAABAm I the only one stretching out how often I wash my hair during quarantine?  It’s not just me right? I mean…. it’s not like I have anywhere to be. Every day has felt like a lazy Saturday, who gets showered and dressed on lazy Saturday??

Chi hair care has helped me skip a few (ok maybe more than a few) washes.  My hair gets the moisture and silk proteins it needs to stay healthy, and I get to be lazy.  Everyone wins right?!  I noticed after only a few washes with Chi my curls were more defined and healthier.  No more gel for this girl! Just a dime size amount of Chi Repairing Serum and I’m all set.   I also woke with the same spirals I went to bed with.  I have never been able to go to sleep and wake up with healthy spirals, normally it’s pretty close to a rats nest after a night of tossing and turning, now I can wake up and go.  Well, if I was actually allowed to leave my home.


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Published by Whitney Cline

I am a wife, mom, friend, boss, mentor, makeup lover, leader, fighter, survivor, kind, loyal to a fault, driven, skincare junkie, reality tv junkie, full of self doubt, learning to love myself, sarcastic, unique, woman. Embracing who I am, one curl at a time.

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